The creation of graphic material for the detection and education of left-handed children in Morelia consists of a manual and a web page to be able to detect left-handed children, describing a way to develop their skills without forcing them to write with the right hand.

For the realization of this subject, they studied the causes of what makes a child born left-handed and the problems they face with everyday tools made for right-handed people. Within this study, it is necessary to emphasize one of the first problems they have in life, in the first years of school, where to learn to write. Writing is one of the essentials for learning since it is a fundamental part that complements speech. If the child does not dominate this tool, he or she will have problems in his or her educational development.

There was also a collection of studies that were done by educators on this matter. The benefit of this project within Graphic Design is based on giving embodiment to this information so that it will be more understandable for the user and could be repeated without problems with the same procedures that the professionals use.

What was mentioned above implies that it is necessary to know how to be able to detect left-handed children and be able to teach them to use everyday tools. For this reason a manual and web page was elaborated with a step-by-step process to know if the child is left-handed and how to help them learn to write in the correct form without having to force them use their other hand. Subsequently, the manual procedures were worked on preschool children, given that they were previously used and proven to work, only to be improved once more by its correct operation and the graphic design part was taken in to consideration. In this part, we sought to check that the users understood how to follow the steps correctly.